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London’s iconic Tower Bridge gets stuck open after technical failure, netizens react with memes and jokes

London’s iconic Tower Bridge got stuck in its open position for several hours, causing traffic jams and chaos in the UK’s capital. However, on the internet, it left netizens laughing out loud, reminding many people about the nursery rhyme ‘London Bridge is falling down’.

According to The Guardian, the bridge was open to allow a large wooden tall ship to pass through. However, its bascules were unable to close properly and stuck in their raised position from around 3pm on Monday afternoon. Owing to some “technical failure” it got jammed and remained stuck up in the position, and soon videos and photos of it took social media by storm.

“Tower Bridge is currently closed to traffic and pedestrians due to technical failure.” City of London Police said the 127-year-old crossing, warning people trying to cross the River Thames.

According to the BBC News, the bridge remained stuck open overnight and could cause further traffic problems on Tuesday. Drivers and pedestrians have been warned to avoid the area, it added.


Approach roads to the bridge have been shut while repairs are carried out. However, it’s not the first time this has happened. It previously got jammed in August 2020 when a mechanical fault meant it was stuck open for more than an hour.

As the photos of the iconic landmark went viral, hashtag #TowerBridge started to dominate trends in the UK sparking many jokes and memes online. Although it must be noted that the iconic landmark is not the one mentioned in the nursey rhymes.

While many jokingly asked operators to “turn it on after switching it off”, it reminded others about a scene from 1997 film Spice World, where the bridge was open and the spice bus had to take a leap!

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