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Karwa Chauth ad featuring same-sex couple triggers mixed reactions online

On the occasion of Karwa Chauth, when married women fast for an entire day praying for a long and healthy life for their husbands, an advertisement featuring a same-sex couple celebrating the festival has triggered mixed reactions online.

Launched on October 22, the commercial features two women preparing for their first Karwa Chauth as one applies bleach on the other’s face. As the conversation continues, they discuss the significance of the festival and why they are observing the fast for their significant other.

Watch the video here:

Only towards the end of the clip is it revealed that the two women have kept the fast for one another as they spot the moon and then face their partners – in this case, each other – looking through the ritualistic sieves, a custom observed before breaking the fast.

The clip concludes with a logo of the Dabur-owned beauty brand Fem depicted in rainbow colours with the hashtag ‘Glow with Pride’. The rainbow flag is symbolic of the LGBTQIA+ social movement.

Since being shared online, the clip has been greeted with mixed reactions over its message. While some have supported the brand’s initiative, others are critical of it.

“Mixed feelings about this one – accepting non-traditional relationships is good, but then promoting a misogynistic tradition and also spreading the “fair is beautiful” trope,” wrote a user while commenting on the viral clip.

However, some also pointed out that fairness products are “inherently casteist and racist” and adding an “LGBTQI angle” won’t change that, while others called it conceptually flawed.

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