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War of the cookies fought on Twitter as biscuit brands chip at each other: May the best tweet win

Indian Twitter was abuzz with banter as a popular brand of cookies launched a new variety of biscuits and many popular brands banded together to come with a slew of witty repartees. The creative thread has is now entertaining the netizens.

Giving a ‘chocolatey’ twist to buttery Good Day, Britannia Industries launched their choco chip version. To introduce the new biscuit, it unveiled an ad on Twitter. As it asked netizens to show love, the brand’s other products got chatty on the microblogging site.

Other popular products that have been people’s favourite for long, soon chipped in. While some seemed jealous and jocularly claimed the company of “cheating”, others began to rant — garnering all the attention on the platform. As the company came up with creative replies to pacify those feeling left out, people on Twitter seemed to be having the last laugh. The hilarious thread also saw #JustChippingIn briefly trending on Twitter.

“Were you ever committed or were those days just cheat days? ” wrote one digestive biscuit saying that it thought it will always remain their “first choice”.

Of course, no banter on social media is fun without some puns, so there were many wordplays involved as well as complaints flooded in the reply section.

As conversation progressed there were also idea about biscuits reinventing themselves.

But what really stole the show was original Good Day’s reply. Asking all others to stop bickering, it tweeted savagely: “Hey guys let’s stop chipping away at each other. I mean….that’s what appraisal meetings are for”. It extended its support to the new member to the team and quipped: “And if you play nice, there might be a bonus in it for all of us”

Soon, the conversation inspired other brands to join in as well. From Snickers to Amazon Prime Video, others too chimed in to have some fun.

Netizens loved the banter filled with puns and jokes. Many said that they could not wait for their chai-and-cookie time as the war of biscuits raged on.

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