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TikTok’s latest trend Milk Crate challenge sees dangerous injuries, doctors express concern

Over the years, there has been no dearth of social media challenges that have gone viral. People have engaged in crazy tasks and missions, be it pouring ice-cold water on themselves, or dancing on streets, among others. However, not all of these challenges were harmless. There have been some perilous ones as well, and it seems 2021 just gave birth to another one — milk crate challenge.

In what began as a quest to kill boredom or to flaunt people’s athletic side after the Tokyo Olympics, people were seen taking up the challenge and stacking plastic crates in the shape of a pyramid. Climbing up and down without any support or protective gear, they scaled the shaky obstacles for fun.

Originally started in TikTok, the video showed while some attempted it by using just a few blocks, others raised the stakes, stacking dozens of it, as well as simultaneously doing other things. The challenge has become so popular, particularly in the US, that even official accounts have been set up.

Now, moving beyond TikTok, the challenge has been a hit on Instagram and Twitter as well.  From taking up the dangerous task in heels to some even attempting while eating cereals, hundreds of videos have flooded social media.

However, not all managed to ace the challenge. After a video showed some dangerous falls, it raised some serious concern among health professionals. Doctors also advised people not to take up the risky challenge highlighting that such falls could result in some serious emergency surgeries if not some fatal injuries. They also underlined that hospital workers are already overworked with the rising Covid-19 cases and urged all to be safe and not attempt something silly to harm themselves.

“The Milk Crate Challenge is very dangerous, and we are seeing many orthopedic injuries as a result of the falls,” Dr Shawn Anthony, an orthopedic surgeon at Mount Sinai in New York told TODAY. “Injuries can include broken wrists, shoulder dislocations, ACL and meniscus tears, as well as life-threatening conditions like spinal cord injuries.”

Many also took to Twitter to share how the videos are giving them anxiety and they would not attempt it.

Others thought it was wise to just share memes instead, without risking their lives.

Time and again, virtual challenges have taken a risky turn, raising alarm among public and health experts. From 2017’s Tide pods challenge and Drake’s Kiki challenge in 2018 to 2019’s Bird Box challenge — numerous dangerous activities have taken social media by storm, and this is no exception.

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