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This Dr Strange scene from Spider-Man No Way Home trailer has desi memers hooked

A days after Spider-Man 3 trailer allegedly leaked online, makers released the first trailer of the much-anticipated film on Tuesday. With its focus on multiverse and Peter Parker-Dr Strange team-up, the trailer caught the fancy of fans. As it trended on social media all day, it also triggered a hilarious meme fest online.

The Spider-Man in No Way Home trailer shows Peter Parker on the run as the safety of his loved ones is compromised. Desperate to return to a time when very few people know that he is the Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man, he requests Dr Strange to reverse time. Although a big ask, Dr Strange still obliges.

As the trailer provides a glimpse of some epic action, suspense and romance, netizens can’t wait for December 17 to see how the story unfolds.

However, it wasn’t Peter Parker than caught the attention of desi memers on Twitter. In fact it was Dr Strange played by Benedict Cumberbatch whose line became a fodder for memes. As in the trailer, he is seen saying to Holland, “That feels weird, but I’ll allow it”, netizens have been using it in relatable situations.

Using the dialogue in many awkward situations, like when when friends calls one by their full name to parents respecting their children’s opinion, desi tweeple have been using it various context that is quite familiar to us all.

Check out some of the funniest entries to the meme-fest here:


Leaving many MCU fans stunned with the return of the old villains from the 2000’s hits, including the hint of Green Goblin and Dr Octopus, social media has been abuzz with more theories.  The trailer also hints that the film will take forward the multiverse concept introduced by Loki.

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