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‘Sickening’: Netizens furious as T-shirts depicting Afghans falling from US aircraft put on sale online

Thousands of hapless Afghans thronged the Kabul International Airport in a bid to escape the Taliban as they took over the country. Chilling scenes from the airport shocked the world as several ran alongside an American military aircraft taxiing for takeoff, some clinging to its wheels — and at least two falling down from the skies.

Mocking the death of the innocent Afghans, including a teenager footballer, an Etsy shop called ‘conaneShop’ had a tasteless offering — T-shirt with a message ‘Kabul Skydiving Club’.

The apparel available for both men and women in various colours, had silhouettes of two people plummeting from a US military aircraft with “Est. 2021” written at the bottom.

Images of the advertisement stunned many online, across social media sites, who tagged the parent website to take down the post and slammed them for dehumanising and gaining profit from a human tragedy.

The brand removed the tasteless shirts from their Etsy profile after backlash, and has taken a complete U-turn. In fact, instead of the insensitive texts on tee, the company has launched ‘Pray for Afghanistan’ T-shirts.

However, the T-shirts are available on many other websites for a “cheaper price”. The graphic design template is now available at several online clothing stores including TopTeeTrend, Gebli and TShirtAtLowPrice among others, some of which are also offering limited-edition apparels beyond T-shirts.

kabul skydiving shirt 1

“Featuring the scene of the plane flying in the sky and suddenly, there are two people falling from it, the Kabul Skydiving Club Shirt is officially becoming a phenomenon and goes viral on the Internet after that!” read one description.

kabul skydiving shirt

The US Air Force has said that its Office of Special Investigations is reviewing an incident at the Kabul airport on Monday in which multiple people were killed when hundreds of Afghan civilians desperate to leave the country swarmed a C-17 cargo plane as it was attempting to take off.

The Air Force did not say how many people died. It said human remains were found in the plane’s wheel well after it landed at al-Udeid Air Base in the Gulf state of Qatar.

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