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Little girl strikes up conversation with complete stranger on flight, cute thread wins the internet

After more than a year-long halt on vacations, people have started travelling again. Now, a sweet encounter of a woman on her recent flight with a little girl is delighting all online. The young traveller decided to start a conversation with the stranger in the flight and their interaction caught the attention of the airline as well.

Kati Hartwig from Columbus, Ohio, was recently travelling on Southwest Airlines and was delighted see a little girl about 6 years old sitting in her adjacent seat. To her surprise, the little girl, identified as Shawnee, was very excited about her trip to Florida and announced to her: “I’m going to talk to you randomly so you need to be prepared, ok?”

Hartwig, who is digital media specialist for Columbus Airport, also said during their flight, the little girl also helped her choose photos and videos for her work profile.

The young passenger’s quirky commentary about everything from in-flight food to the view outside, left Hartwig very impressed. And while most people would be happy to travel after getting vaccinated, the girl thought that people should actually thank someone else for air travel: Wright brothers.

“Both me and the girl on the plane grew up in Ohio. OHIO. The Wright Brothers are kind of a big deal here,” the woman explained in another tweet later.

From being aware of in-flight decorum to her pretty mature choice of shows to watch on her tablet for the journey, Hartwig joked: “I think she’s actually older than me, tbh”.

The duo struck up a nice connection during the travel and the woman thoroughly enjoyed her commentary about everything, particularly when the airplane took a turn to offer them a better view through the window. She even suggested the social media manager to get a video of the view saying: “People would like it.”

As the journey came to an end, the little girl also thanked her fellow passenger for a great time. “I feel like I’m lucky because I got to sit by you,” Hartwig quoted the girl saying, adding, it was she who was moved by her presence.

Although the thread delighted many on the microblogging site, there were others who questioned its authenticity. To clear doubts, the woman posted a small video of their conversation, at the same time, not exposing the child. “I did not take a photo of the girl because I’d never exploit her like that. Especially with her age,” she wrote.

“We all have had an incredibly difficult two years with COVID, and everyone is trying to reacclimate in their own way,” she added asking people to kind and patient while travelling once again.

As her Twitter thread went viral, the airline company too shared it asking other passengers to share their own experience while travelling.

She also took to Instagram to answer some of the questions she has been getting about her viral thread.

As the story went viral it melted hearts online and many people joined the conversation to share similar experiences.

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